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About Us

Our Roots

We are a newlywed couple from the Bay Area, in sunny California. This is our attempt at making old things new & inspiring new purpose to classic items. Our passions are pre-owned designer Fashion & Household Decor and Furniture, and we hope to make you all believers in that  'all things [can] be made new.'

The Best Finds & Best Prices

We spend our time searching to find the best bargains for unique & quality items and bring them back to you, the consumer. We visit Thrift shops, Estate Sales, Sales bins, Flea Markets, and many other places to find sometimes designer, other times designed-for restoration items. We sprinkle some love & sometimes elbow grease to find you items that have been restored to their former brilliance {And sometimes even far surpassed when we get done with them}. We love what we do and we make sure it shows through our quality of selection & quality of workmanship. 

Why Shop With Us

Second Chance Restoration is about bringing new life to once used items so you don't have to. Whether it be clothing, accessories or home decor and furniture; one mans trash is another mans treasure. (But at a huge bargain!) Let Second Chance Restoration find you all the things you didn't yet know you needed to have.